Subcontractor Partnerships

Since 1972, Mowbray’s Tree Service has been providing Utility Vegetation Management Solutions, building relationships with utility enterprises and municipalities, and helping develop small businesses through strategic partnerships. Mowbray’s commitment to safety and excellence has led it to become a prime contractor for utility companies such as Southern California Edison, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Our success is attributed to our commitment to excellence and the safety of our customers and their clients.

Why Mowbray’s

Mowbray’s Tree Service has partnered with utility companies to manage vegetation around more than 212,454 miles of distribution and transmission lines. We continue to grow by networking with electric utilities, gas utilities, railroads, DOTs, and municipalities to offer vegetation management for emergencies, compliance, hazard tree management and pole clearing efforts.

Mowbray’s is constantly searching for new partnership opportunities with WBE, DBE, MBE, and DVBE and encourages local and small busines growth. The services we provide are not limited to utility line clearance, but also include:

  • Fuel Reduction Projects.
  • Fire and emergency response.
  • Storm and disaster tree cleanup.
  • Right-of-way and land clearing.
  • Vegetation Management for facilities protection.
  • Integrated Vegetation Management – Herbicide and Pesticide Applications


The Right Move

Partnering with Mowbray’s Tree Service means partnering with an industry leader with a commitment to safety, excellence, and the continual development of our employees. Mowbray’s is invested in the success of our subcontractor partners as their success reflects our own. If you are interested in forming a partnership that will take your business to the next level, then “The Mowbray’s Move” is the right move for you!

Leading By Example

Our entire management and supervisory team’s responsibility is to possess the desire to lead by example by setting the expectations and be held accountable for supporting all safety initiatives.

Mowbray’s recognizes that our employees have made us who we are, they are our most vital resource. Each person believes they are responsible and accountable for their own safety and has a duty to protect the safety of others throughout the organization by promoting a positive workplace attitude. Our Safety Observation Program is a group of dedicated individuals serving our team members in action. This group makes sure work is living up to expectations, checks safety, and makes sure problems are addressed immediately.

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