Electric Utilities

Our services help you keep your customers in power.

We understand the importance of managing vegetation around power and high voltage lines.

This can mean anything from an Integrated Vegetation Management plan to remove high vegetation from the designated corridor of the right-of-way to basic tree trimming services.

Safety & Environmental Preservation

We understand that vegetation management is a serious expense for electric utilities and is crucial to avoid significant fines and environmental damage. The safety of our employees, clients, and the environment are a priority for Mowbray’s Tree Service.
We help maintain the utility lines free and clear of hazardous vegetation while considering the environmental impact of our operations.

Vegetation Management For Electric Utilities

A Team You Can Trust

Whether you’re an IOU in need of Integrated Vegetation Management around your transmission lines or a cooperative in need of line clearance trimming, our team has the experience you need. We work with cities, county municipalities, and government agencies to ensure that your services remain reliable for your customers.

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